Saturday, 10 September 2016

Wendy and Karin - Complementary team members

Wendy Passmore-Godfrey obtained a BFA in photography , from the University of Calgary in 1987. She founded WP Puppet Theatre Society in 1991, and is still full-time Artistic/Managing Director and principal performer, taking three-years off to manage the opening of the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary. 
In her AD role she has written, designed, built and performed over twenty original productions that have been seen by thousands of children and families in Canada and overseas.  She has been part of numerous community engagement projects. She teaches hundreds of hours, through and about the art of puppetry in school workshops, residencies and adult professional development. 

She is intrigued by the relationship between theatre, language and visual art and has developed a deep appreciation for the symbolism of the puppet and the related theatrical devices of metaphor, narrative, movement, character, dramatic tension, and transformation.
Her CV and other information can be found HERE (link to Wendy's page on this blog with CV)
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Karin Millson 

Holds a Ph. D. in micropalaeontology and a Master Craftsman Qualification from the City and Guilds of London. She creates mixed media art that is predominantly textile-based. 
With a travelling life-style she has exhibited where she has lived, England, The Netherlands, Canada, Nigeria and Oman, has taught contemporary art in all these countries, enjoys breaking the preconceived ideas that people often have about fibre arts and loves to teach and mentor like-minded folks.
Her work is held internationally. 
She now lives on Saltspring Island, British Columbia.

Her CV and other information can be found HERE (link to Karin's page on this blog with CV)

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