Friday, 3 February 2017

EMP Development - Initial ideas for the plot

Some basic ideas were immediately obvious:
The plot would be for an adult audience.
Meaningful dialogue ought to be encouraged.
The story will involve various creatures and so an environmental, ecological or one that touches a persons thought processes would be ideal.
Wendy and Karin are both interested in these fields and Wendy suggested we look into Evolution of Moral Progress, which she had been researching.

Soon a plot began to take shape:
Karin and Wendy decided to look at altruism in relation to human/animal interaction  through time, to highlight the enlightened thinking that an evolution of moral progress has developed.  Looking at how conversations on morality force us to reason and justify what we are have done in the past, are doing now and might do in the future in our interrelationship with animals: In particular, an imaginary branch of animals that we called Genus 294wz

The basis for these ideas can be found in the writings of Pinker and Singer:-
The work of Stephen Pinker (Psychologist and Linguist)

Read here for some of his thoughts - though I am sure he would want to edit now that times have changed big time in the USA
Check out his The Better Angels of Our Nature 
Of course some disagree with Pinker's writings but Peter Singer (a moral philosopher) is also a supporter  of Pinker's work.  In his book The Most Good You Can Do, Singer describes altruism as “an emerging movement” with the potential to fundamentally alter the way humans live.
He has said  "we should give equal consideration to all "beings who have interests." 
Check out also and watch the video for a pretty clear explanation.

Photo credit Michael Nagel

For something fun but thought provoking watch this Animated Ted talk with Pinker and  Newberger-Goldstein.
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