Saturday, 10 September 2016

Evolution of Moral Progress - Genus 394Wz: In the beginning.

First meeting: Wendy Passmore Godfrey and Karin Millson met at a meeting of CBBAG in 2012 in Calgary where they both resided.  Karin had brought some of her paper sculptures to show the group.
Artist: Karin Millson 2012.
Paper sculptures, based on marine organisms, created using Arashi Shibori  Techniques and waxed paper.

Wendy and Karin formed a pact to work together to reach a goal that Karin had always had, to animate these 'creatures'.  Wendy, an artist and puppeteer, has the skills to accomplish this.

Both continued their day jobs.

First email exchange: August 2012

First project: A video using puppetry to directly animate three textile sculptures.  The storyline and narration was suggestive of a BBC Wildlife Documentary, based on the work done with Sir David Attenborough.  However, here the narration was presented in an extremely dull style to indicate how boring science often appears to the general public.


PechaKucha Kreatures 2013 from Daniel Millson on Vimeo.
Daniel Millson assisted with filming, and post production.
This short animation was first presented at Puppet Power 2014, during a Powered by Pechakucha event.  It gained much interest and comment.