Friday, 3 February 2017

Reuse- Repurpose - The Muse undergoes a regeneration and joins the cast June 2014

Just as Karin's textile art sculptures were finding new life in a theatre production so too the figure heads - personalities of the human world were joining the cast.

One such Figurehead began his life as "The Muse"in a very, very early version of Finding My Song: By Bird.  (A production of the WPPuppet Theatre Society). But when retired from a show, puppets don’t go off and get another job – they hang around! We were looking for a thoughtful, scientific, historic looking puppet or what we call a ‘figurehead’ to use for one of the stations.  The Muse stepped forward and accepted his new role. 
Here he is on the work table - Finding his feet in his new role.  Submitted by Wendy

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