Friday, 3 February 2017

Development of a production sometimes involves opening up to critique - Les Sages Fous September 2014

In September 2014 Evolution of Moral Progress was accepted for presentation at Les Sages Fous Micro Festival of Unfinished Work in Puppetry in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. This wonderful festival encourages the sometimes-daunting leap from the private studio to public stage. 
The organization provided space and some wonderful set up assistance, with fellow artists and audience primed to provide helpful critique on works in progress. 
EMP took a jump forward in scope and ambition after this, as we realized that the theme resonated and the promenade format could work.
We were very exhilarated by the feedback we got but also realized that this story we were creating was bigger and meatier than we had previously anticipated.  We knuckled down for the long haul.

Here is one short video of Wendy presenting a very early form and part of The Station that became The Cabinet of Curiosities and later, The Carnival.

Sages Fous 2014 from karin millson on Vimeo.
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