Thursday, 7 December 2017

Theatre Costumes

The costumes for this show have been sourced, created and donated.
Faux leather coat from Value Village - became a cope for The Priestess
A fabulous donation of a true leather, brown, gored skirt with bead detail from Wear Else, was destined to become a worn out leather apron for The Slavedriver.

And many and diverse materials were amalgamated to become steam punk, Victoriana, or futuristic elements for the show.

Here is part of a story board of Skirt to Apron for The Slavedriver.
With many thanks to Elaine Senkpiel on Saltspring Island who made the donation of leather for this item.

John Shepherd,  shoe maker and leather-craftsman on Saltspring, has all the great machinery and tools that I wish I had ... but he isn't averse to helping out a fellow stitcher.
Thank you to  Shepherd Shoes
And so he riveted (did I just make a verb out of a noun, Oh horror! Or had someone already done that?) and the apron was finished and handed over to Wendy, for her to distress - possibly from the back of her car on the way back to Calgary from Duncan.

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