Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Musical Gifts

It is one thing to be able to create wonderful music and yet another to gift it to someone you don't even know.  There are - for I have found them - many fantastic people in the world today, quite contrary to the general mood around us.

Thank you Georgi Dimitrov "Chubry"has allowed us use of his music  Georgi plays the Qanun - go  here to listen and download.
Our Arabian Scholar, Abu bin Saiid, will never have felt more at home !

As if that were not enough - Hugh Conings a jazz drummer from B.C. has agreed to create a drum with flute piece for us.  And Edmond Van Putte who spreads the word about The Netherlands has given us a soundscape for the Work Horse animatronics.  Thanks Hugh and Edmond.

And there is more... Our own Saltspring Island gal, Nikki Menard - will play the Hang drum to evoke a calm, spiritual well-being in the Priestess' Temple.  It is going to be great Nikki, Thank you.

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