Friday, 3 February 2017

It Floats: Prior to Spring 2014

In 2014 we were working out a storyline.
We would look at one genetic line of creatures through history.
From early beginnings when the organism was just going about its business - without human intervention.
Then a period of discovery.
Then a period of use in different ways.
Moving on to a period of severe exploitation for human gain.
Thereafter introspection and the future - who knows....

Here is a discussion on one of the stations from Spring 2014.

In station Number 9 we wanted to show a creature un-tethered, un-harnessed or un-caged - apparently free but not completely free.  It is funny where ideas come from.  Karin saw an in-store exhibit promoting vortex fans.
To show the power of the fan they had a beach ball caught in the vortex of the breeze blown by the fan. It was seemingly in suspended animation.  Caught but also free.
It was an Ah ha! moment.

There were many experiments to see what would float in such a vortex and later Wendy performed our results at Sages Fous Test.  And the audience was moved. "It really looked like the creature was struggling to get free." Was one comment.
We've worked on this some more but here is an early version of the experiment.

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